A healthy culture is a key engagement factor at Solita Cloud Community

While Solita keeps growing and expanding its business, it also continues investing in a caring culture where people and their well-being are top priorities. This approach has proven rewarding even when times are turbulent in the external environment.


Caring is one of Solita’s key values, and it’s very visible in the Cloud Community. Caring starts from viewing people holistically. People are seen as human beings with all different sides, and their well-being is a top priority.

The strong culture even protects people from themselves. That happens through open and honest communication, vulnerability, and respect for employees’ boundaries.

“We completely lack superhero culture here, where people who overwork and are available until midnight are celebrated. People are genuinely interested in how I’m doing, and we talk and deal with all kinds of emotions in our team,” says Petrus Lehtimäki, Senior Cloud Consultant in the Cloud Community.

A healthy workload is a transparent goal at the Cloud Community, and employees are not expected to work overtime or answer emails in the evenings. A healthy way of working is advocated in different teams and discussed with customers when needed. That is reflected throughout the company, and the numbers speak for themselves. Peakon survey score for workload at Solita is 8,7, which is way above the industry average (7,7).

Solita hasn’t been affected much by the economic downturn, and the people-first approach seems to bear fruit also during tough times. It comes down to leaders who make long-term decisions and grow the company responsibly.

“It feels like we can make more revenue with less forcing and pushing compared to some other companies. We don’t have to kill ourselves with the workload, but Solita keeps growing, and it’s a highly profitable company,” Lehtimäki continues.

People are encouraged to have a life also outside of work 

A healthy culture is also reflected in how different life situations are considered in the Cloud Community. Petrus wanted to stay home with his youngest daughter for six months, and it was clear from the first discussion that the company supported this decision fully.

A true intention is to make work match employees’ other interests and life in general. Part-time work is another example.

“I was able to work part-time without any justification. In 2022 I wanted to work remotely from Spain for a month. It worked out, and I was also allowed to lower my part-time work from 80 % to 60 % during that month”, says Eveliina Miikkulainen, a Project Manager at Solita Cloud Community.

Solita also scores high in flexibility (9.0) according to Peakon survey results. People generally have a lot of flexibility in planning their work and schedules. Practicalities are discussed with the project team; as long as work gets done, there is plenty of autonomy in organizing one’s work. Also, vacations and days off can be booked without bureaucracy, and in most cases people can take time off when they want to.

“Here you are asked what you want to work with, and your wishes are considered as much as possible. We also have fantastic occupational health services.” (Solita Cloud Platform Employer Brand Survey)

The level of autonomy is high at Solita, and it’s exercised at all levels in the Company. Autonomic decision-making makes the company feel small, even though it’s over 1600 people in six different countries. The Cloud Community consists of almost 100 Cloud Professionals but also feels like a small team.

A community without a pecking order

“At Solita Cloud Platforms, we have a fun and open culture where you can truly be yourself. On top of this, things get done, and the customer is happy.” (Solita Cloud Platform Employer Brand Survey)

The culture also embraces authenticity, and people are encouraged to show up as they are. Diversity and inclusion are big topics within the company, and there is a real sense of equality. That means that there is no pecking order; everyone’s voice is heard and appreciated.

“Ideas are evaluated based on their quality, not based on who is sharing them,” adds Miikkulainen.

Shared responsibility and accountability are also aspects that contribute to a healthy culture. People are passionate and want to do their best work, grow, and help their colleagues. Help and support are always available, no matter what the problem is.

Want to hear more about our culture?
Contact our Talent Acquisition Owner Saila Karonen, saila.karonen@solita.fi (Finland)

Talent Acquisition Specialist Kajsa Törnroos (kajsa.tornroos@solita.se) (Sweden)




Exploring inspiring possibilities drives innovation

Solita has grown a lot during the recent years and that means a lot of new Solitans. We have placed effort on diversity but it is not difficult to point out one common characteristic that we all share. It is curiosity. Dynamic business environment requires curious people and we definitely have that kind of culture here.

Solitans have a long history of attending events and conferences. That is something which has never been questioned. Attending events and meeting new people, discussions, interactions or just exploring the new environment are the seeds that quite often enable us to reach novel ideas. During the recent couple of years the number of on-site events had been negligible. Currently after the main Covid era a lot of events and summits with real-life interactions have been restored. People are getting together like before. One of those huge events is the annual AWS re:Invent at Las Vegas, NV.

Among many other developers and cloud enthusiastics, we also participated in AWS re:Invent last November. AWS re:Invent was full of sessions, workshops, and chalk talks from all aspects of cloud. If you are interested in the content of the re:Invent, please check Heikki’s blogs (here, here, here and here). Solitans are rather autonomous individuals. That explains why we attended without structured planning mainly on different sessions. Just based on the interest of our own. For example Tero’s curiosity was towards migrations and creation of business value enabled by cloud and Joonas focused on governance and networking.

Key takeaways by Tero and Joonas

Tero’s interest towards migration was fulfilled with handful workshops. Those addressed widely AWS’s migration services, such as AWS Application Migration Service and AWS Migration Hub. Sessions strengthened the understanding about AWS migration services as a whole. In particularly, those seem to include lots of interesting features that make migration smooth and nice. At least within the workshops’ sandboxes ☺. In addition to the migration related themes, Tero attended sessions on Leadership-track. There he heard inspiring user cases where various kinds of benefits have realized based on cloud transformation.

Joonas participated mainly in chalk talks and workshops that provided deeper insights to existing services such as AWS Backup and AWS Control Tower. At re:Invent AWS usually launches new services and features to existing ones. This was also the case this time. The event provided a first glance to some new releases and perhaps the most interesting was VPC Lattice. Also useful features were introduced in sessions, some that might have been released earlier. For governance level some newer AWS Control Tower features have potential. The amount of information gathered in a week was quite overwhelming.

Looking forward to 2023

The variety of interests among Solitans and the possibilities to explore novel ideas are not going to decrease. The current year 2023 is full of interesting events. Naturally the AWS re:Invent will be among the conferences where you can find Solitans. In addition to re:Invent, most likely Solitans can be spotted at almost every main event that address cloud, novel technologies and value creation. We are a rather big group with a variety of interests. Come to say hey to us. We are pretty nice people to hang around with ☺. Solita is a growing company. The growth is based on a combination of people with various backgrounds and passions. It is expected that our curious culture will draw positive attention and more people will join us during the year.

At the moment we have over 1600 colleagues and we are spread over 6 different countries. We Solitans are different but at the same time, we are sharing at least one common aspect. Curiosity. Learning new and evolving by attending, summits, and conferences is very typical for us. These participations are considered as elements that drive us to find the innovative and best solutions for complex situations. We are curious to find solutions that have an impact that lasts.

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Feeling small and cozy – while being big and capable

About two months ago I started my new Cloud journey in a company that has grown - and grows - very fast. Initially I had an image of a small, nimble and modern company inside my head - and it was a surprise to realize that Solita has 1500+ employees nowadays. But has it become a massive ocean-going ship, too big to steer swiftly? A corporation slowly suffocating all creativity and culture?

Fortunately not. As our CEO Ossi Lindroos said (adapting / quoting some successful US growth company) in our starter bootcamp day:

“One day we will be a serious and proper company – but that day is not today!”

Surely, Ossi is not saying that we should not take business seriously and responsibly at all. Or that we should not act like a proper company when it comes to capabilities towards customers – or ability to take care of our own people. We do act responsibly and take our customers and our people seriously. But instead the idea – as I interpret it – is that we have that caring small community feel even when growing fast – and we want to preserve it no matter how big we grow.

Can a company with good vibrations preserve the essentials when it grows?

Preserving good vibrations

Based on my first weeks I feel that Solita has been able to maintain low hierarchy, open culture with brave and direct communication, not to forget autonomous and self-driven teams, people and communities. Like many smaller companies inside a big one, but sharing an identity without siloing too much. Diversity with unity.

I started in Solita Cloud business unit and the first thoughts are really positive. Work is done naturally crossing team or unit boundaries. Teams are not based on single domain expertise, but instead could act as self-preserved cells if required. Everyone is really helpful and welcoming. Company daily life and culture is running on Slack – and there you can easily find help and support without even knowing the people yet. And you get to know people on some level even without meeting them: that guy likes daily haikus, that girl listens to metal music etc.

“One day we will be a serious and proper company – but that day is not today!”

Petrus Enjoying Good Vibrations

Some extra muscle

And size is not all about downsides. Having some extra muscle enables things like getting a proper, well-thought induction and onboarding to new people that starts even before the first day with prepackaged online self-learning – and continues with intensive bootcamp days and self-paced, but comprehensive to-do-lists, that give a feeling that someone has put real effort on planning all this. Working tools are cutting-edge, whether choosing your devices and accessories or using your cloud observability system.  And there is room for the little bonus things as well, such as company laptop stickers, caps, backpacks and different kind of funny t-shirts. Not to mention all the health, commuting and childcare benefits.

And for customers, having some extra muscle means being a one-stop shop yet future-proof at the same time. Whether the needs are about leveraging data or designing and developing something new, or about the cloud which enables all this, customer can trust us. Now and tomorrow. Having that small community feeling and good vibrations ensures that we’ll have brilliant, motivated and healthy people helping our customers in the future as well.

Culture enables personal growth

And when the culture is supporting and enabling, one can grow fast. A while ago, I used to be a rapid-fire powerpoint guy waving hands like windmills – and now I’m doing (apologies for the jargon) Customer deployments into the Cloud using Infrastructure-as-Code, version control and CI/CD pipelines – knowing that I have all the support I need, whether from the low-threshold and friendly chat community of a nimble company, or a highly productized runbooks and knowledge bases of a serious and proper company. Nice.

Now, it’s time to enjoy some summer vacation with the kids. Have a great summertime you all, whether feeling small and cozy or big and capable!