Consultants daily life – Life of a (f)lying consultant

What does it mean to work as a consultant for Solita. One viewpoint after 10 months of employment.

In my defense, I am not a lying consultant. But I do fly. Not literally very often, but in the traveling sense of it. I spend about 2-3 days a week traveling around Finnish cities, mainly Helsinki and Tampere. This blog post is a quick peek into a consultants daily life.

Why do I do that?

I do it because of my work. Some customers in Finnish industries are still almost hell-bound requiring people to sit in their offices and be “seen” working. Then again sometimes it simply is more productive to be face-to-face with your counterparts ironing out details in a brain storming session. Or sometimes it can simply be sales or competence development related traveling. I have colleagues who choose not to travel so much, so our company is flexible in that manner to find the required balance for all.

So why do I keep doing that?

That is a more difficult question. Of course traveling impacts my personal life. I have 3 kids, I am constructing a house, I have stuff to do at home! But somehow we have managed to cope to my work requirements and at least for now it is ok. I do feel that I am not getting any younger, instead my body is giving me pain in places I didn’t know exist because of all the badly slept nights. I have a feeling I have reached the point where I either start going to the gym while staying in the hotels or I start consuming a lot of fast food & alcohol.

What have I learned?

I am not a lying consultant.

I started my Solita career in December of 2018 immediately after moving back to Finland. I spent 6 years in Berlin, Germany with my family and when my son got old enough to start his school career we decided to come back. I had been working with “the cloud”, “DevOps” and any and all kinds of projects and sides of the company you can imagine – always working under pressure because of unrealistic expectations and deadlines.

I came to Solita as a Senior Cloud Consultant, which implies I know everything there is to know about the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP and AliCloud) – each service, each feature and parameter of everything. I am a supreme Machine Learnist, commander of Lambda functions, lest forget creator of CI/CD pipelines and bringer of Cultural change! Hell no. But I can say in the last 10 months I have been able to become all of that, at least to the extent required by my job. I am excited to see where the future takes me as there are more and more companies adopting the cloud every day and they each have a very unique workload profile.

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Either way, traveling broadens your horizons.