Choosing provider for cloud

Sticking with your old habits and misconceptions is dangerous, choosing cloud partner is something that should be done with care.

There is nowadays a plethora of cloud operators to choose from and almost everyone has their favourite. AWS is the oldest and probably has the most features and services, Azure is go to place when running Microsoft-related applications or workloads and if you are looking into using AI or ML you go with Google. This has been a common misconception.

In reality choosing your cloud is not so black and white. Providers who came into the game a bit later than Amazon have been investing heavily on the development and are fast catching up. Amazon haven’t been resting on AI or ML front either. And there is also Alibaba, the Amazon of China, who is also pushing hard on the west now and seems to have focus on AI and ML.

Relying on this kind of categorising is dangerous as cloud operator strengths could change quite quickly and it might limit your capability to operate efficiently.

This is where you need to focus. Map your main goals when using the cloud. Check the options available by yourself if your skillset is up to date with all the options. This might be almost impossible as cloud providers are pushing new services almost daily. So I highly recommend that you move to the most important step and choose a partner to help you.

Choosing your partner right can make some serious cost saving and accelerate your development. Do your homework and spend some time benchmarking potential partners. Make sure your partner has enough real life experience on running and building to cloud.