Midnight madness in re:Invent 2019

First event in the AWS re:Invent is the Midnight madness at late Sunday evening with its more quirky announcements.

The show is on, first release of re:Invent 2019 is out and it’s a ”big” one. But let’s take it in steps and go through what was there.

Midnight madness is basically a pre-event for the actual re:Invent keynotes and activities. In Midnight madness, there is Tatonka, which is a chicken wing eating contest and then there are multiple other little shows. This year there were show like basketball performances, acrobatics, dance and music.

From a Finnish perspective, there was also a very interesting Air Guitar show. Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard was playing Air guitar with a bunch of re:Invent attendees. The first thought was that, damn he has stolen our national game! We invented Air guitar!!!

Well, we managed to get him to chat with us and it turned out that he is a true Finland lover 🙂 So we forgave him.

First and only release

WOW! This was something that is totally out of the IT world. Like last year’s DeepRacer, It is a device, a device that is something that you would not expect to see in an event like this.

AWS Deep Composer

The world’s first musical keyboard powered by AI!

32-key, 2-octave keyboard which enables you to play a song and let the AI fill out the rest of the band! It works so that you play some music with the keyboard and then AI analyzes it and tries to figure out what would be the best match for other instruments.

More information https://aws.amazon.com/deepcomposer/

There was a live demonstration and an actual musical performance which was backed with music generated by Deep Composer. The music sounded ok, but maybe it is not yet time to start booking tickets to Deep Composer gigs.

In the end though, this was as quirky release as one would expect from Midnight madness. And like DeepRacer, this could be something that gathers larger interest among people who are not so interested about cloud computing. With this release out, we start the week and eagerly wait what more is to come.

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